Aerial Safe Harbour
Aerial Safe Harbour

On this page you will find information regarding the Portarlington Safe Harbour Project. We will upload available information when we receive it from Parks Victoria who are the project managers. Please call Parks Victoria on 13 1963 for further information.

Stage 1 of the Portarlington Safe Harbour Project was officially opened on 24 July 2015 by Bellarine MP Lisa Neville together with Parks Victoria Chairman Andrew Fairley. The new 175 m section of the Portarlington Pier will boost the mussel industry as it improves access and vehicle load limits. The next stage includes the installation of more facilities to grow the mussel, oyster and scallop industries.

Stage 2 commenced in February 2016 with the delivery of rocks for the construction of two new breakwaters. The construction site has been established at the end of Fisher St. April 2016 will see the commencement of an improved commercial berthing infrastructure that will create the backbone of the $15 million Portarlington Safe Harbour project.

PW Johnson Constructions Pty Ltd have commenced the final stage works for the Portarlington Safe Harbour. Construction works will be primarily from barges and cranes. The only time the contractors will have to use the new pier approach is when they transport precast materials (crossheads, deck slabs and wave screens) to load into the barge. Trucks will reverse onto the new pier and the barge will pick up from the truck, the same as previous works.

Program timelines for these works are (please see attached map):
Zone 1 Works Timelines:  14 March to 31 July 2017
Zone 2 Works Timelines:  21 March to 31 July 2017

Access to Portarlington Pier for visitors and commercial operators will still be available during these times.

The Victorian Government announced in November that a deal has been finalised to guarantee a ferry service from Portarlington Docklands for at least three years. A ferry pontoon will be built for ferry passengers in 2017.

Derdging works are scheduled in the Portarlington Safe Harbour from Tuesday 13 June until approximately 26 July 2017. Bellarine Bayside will use the deposited sand to renourish beaches along the coastline. For further information see the Notice to Mariners and Letter to campers/residents below.

For further information on the Portarlington Safe Harbour project please phone Parks Victoria on 13 1963, visit their website or email

pdfDredging Camper/Resident letter

pdfNotice to Mariners, 9 June 2017

pdfPSH Fact Sheet Autumn 2017

pdfNotice to Mariners 14 March 2017

pdfNotice to Mariners 13 Feb 2017






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