Convenor Mr Steve Boothroyd Retires

Mr Steve Boothroyd, who has fulfilled the role of convenor of the Friends of Pt Richards Group for the last 20 years, has recently resigned from his role.

The Friends of Pt Richards Flora & Fauna Reserve help protect and restore the biodiversity of this 62 ha reserve. The reserve has important ephemeral wetlands, the nationally ‘vulnerable’ Growling Grass Frog and a wide diversity of coastal woodlands and wetland bird species. There is no other reserve like it on the Bellarine Peninsula. 

Steve’s personal devotion and commitment to the improvement of the reserve was honoured through a farewell event where he was presented with a letter from the Bellarine Bayside Chair and a present. We would like to say a very big thank you to all his hard work and devotion to the group, as well as the reserve. We have been privileged to work alongside a knowledgeable and passionate convenor.

The Friends of Point Richards meet every Tuesday morning at 10 am for a 2-hour working bee. Steve will be replaced by Heather Williams whom will take over the role as the convenor.  If you would like to be actively involved in the conservation of Pt Richards Flora and Fauna Reserve, call Bellarine Bayside on 03 5254 4000 or email