Coastal Management

Bellarine Bayside Coastal Management is the appointed Committee of Management formed by the Victorian Government in 1994 to manage 17km of foreshore Crown land reserves on the northern Bellarine Peninsula, stretching along the south-western rim of Port Phillip Bay from Point Richards in Portarlington to the southern edge of St Leonards township.

Bellarine Bayside is a public entity and committee members (selected through a public, skills-based ‘expression of interest’ process) are appointed for a term of three years by the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978. Bellarine Bayside is also subject to parts of the Public Administration Act 2004.

Bellarine Bayside has the equivalent of 26 full-time staff comprised of coastal planners, conservation officers, holiday park caretakers, grounds and administration staff and is responsible for the planning, management, care and protection of the assets and Crown land on the northern Bellarine.

Our Mission

Bellarine Bayside, in partnership with local community groups and residents, sustainably protects, restores and enhances the northern Bellarine natural and built coastal environment for the benefit and enjoyment of local communities, holidaymakers and visitors.

Our Vision

The northern Bellarine foreshore will be:

  • An attractive, tranquil and safe coastal environment that reflects the heritage and distinctive character of Portarlington, Indented Head and St Leonards.
  • Connected by a well-used coastal trail with opportunities to experience the natural ecology and delight in the beauty and atmosphere of the foreshore landscape.
  • A rich source of recreational and coastal experiences to engage and enhance the wellbeing of people living and working locally, and visiting the area for affordable holidays.
  • A place where the need to protect and restore our fragile coast and adapt to the challenges of environmental change is finely balanced with social, cultural and economic opportunities.
  • A place that is treasured and cared for, where communities have pride, and visitors feel welcome.
  • A place where local people, community groups, businesses and government agencies work together to plan, care for and enhance the foreshore.

Our Funding

Bellarine Bayside currently generates around $6 million in direct revenue annually, with the majority (approximately 92%) coming from our six coastal holiday parks. No recurrent funding is received from state or local government.

Other income is derived from a range of sources including lease, licence and permit fees. Revenue is often supplemented by grants for specific projects.

All funds are used to preserve and protect the natural coastal environment while ensuring the local community and visitors have access to quality parks, reserves and facilities.