Bellarine Bayside is committed to environmental stewardship and reducing our environmental footprint through continual improvement and integration of sustainability at the core of our activities.

Sustainability is embedded as a guiding principle of our key strategic plan, the Northern Bellarine Coastal and Marine Management Plan 2020-25 (currently in draft form), prioritising our efforts to meet the highest sustainability standards for the protection of our natural environment and the greater global environment.

We will strive to lead by example through best practice sustainable operations and coastal management.

Our Sustainability Program

Our Sustainability Program outlines a 20-year timeline towards achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2040.

The primary role of our Sustainability Program is focused on the resources that need to be managed better in the coming years, underpinned by an action plan to do so.

The Sustainability Program will also guide our interaction with the community and stakeholders on sustainability and environmental issues, improving our advocacy and recognition as a leader in sustainability.

To achieve this, it is essential that we are committed to enhancing the sustainability of our operations in a holistic manner, and our Sustainability Program designed to progressively embed sustainability into all our core business functions and foster a sustainable culture.

It is essential that our people lead by example to ensure our behaviours and practices align with our guest and coastal user experiences and expectations. 

Working together for Sustainability

We recognise that many of our objectives cannot be achieved independently, therefore we will:

  • Foster values of sustainability through our operations, staff, community, stakeholder groups and agencies.
  • Lead by example and promote the principles of sustainability in everything we do.
  • Take responsibility to embed sustainable practices into the workplace areas over which we have control and influence.
  • Include all others and embrace partnerships to advance sustainability, have a positive impact and drive change.
We have ensured that our Sustainability Program aligns with not only our strategic plans, such as the Draft Coastal and Marine Management Plan 202-2025, but is also consistent with the City of Greater Geelong and Department of Environment, Water and Planning policies and strategies. We are committed to contributing to the international effort to address global challenges related to climate, environmental health, prosperity, inequality, poverty, peace and justice through ensuring all actions within our Sustainability Porgram relate to one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.