Twelve Month Permits - Portarlington

Twelve month permits (TMPs) are one of the ways we welcome guests at our year-round holiday park in Portarlington.

TMP holders own the structure (i.e. the caravan and annexe) and pay a fee to have the structure located on-site for them to holiday at for up to 150 days during their TMP period. The management of TMPs is governed by Victorian government legislation and policy.

If you are interested in applying for a TMP, we maintain a waiting list of people wishing to purchase on-site vans or access a vacant site, consistent with policy guidelines. Sites are offered to applicants at the top of the waiting list via a chronological method. If an applicant at the top of the list is offered three opportunities
for a permit and elect not to accept those offers, they will be placed back at the bottom of the list.

You can download the wait list application form below, noting that wait list applications are not taken during the busy summer period between Christmas and the end of January. Please also see the disclosure statement and holiday park rules.

Twelve Month Permit Holders are reminded that they hold a permit to occupy a site for twelve months only with no guarantee of occupancy in subsequent years.

For more information please call our Holiday Parks reception on 5254 4000 (option 1).