Indented Head Boat Sheds

The iconic boat sheds on the Indented Head foreshore have always attracted a lot of interest from locals, visitors and holidaymakers, but available permits were few and far between with a large wait list. Recently, these permits were discontinued and a new 10-year licence arrangement was put in place. The existing 19 permit holders were each offered a 10-year licence with conditions of improvement and all took up this offer.

Bellarine Bayside has restored an additional three boat sheds to the strict heritage overlay conditions and the first of these licences was auctioned on Saturday 11 March 2017. A large crowd gathered at Boat Shed #11 to witness the auction of the licence to this boat shed. Several bidders battled over the boat shed until the licence was eventually sold for $116,000. This was a great result for Bellarine Bayside and will enable us to put resources back into managing and improving the foreshore reserves. The remaining two licences to Boat Shed #2 (the red boat shed on the right below) and Boat Shed #6 will be auctioned on Saturday 15 April 2017 at 11:30am starting with Boat Shed #6. All enquiries should be directed to Luke Campbell or Trevor McManus at Neville Richards Real Estate on 03 5257 1778.