Meet the new Committee at our Annual Community Meeting

Each year Bellarine Bayside presents information on the past financial year at the Annual Community Meeting. With the introduction of a new Committee in September this was delayed and will now be held on Thursday 30 November 2017. So save this date! At this meeting you will not only hear from Bellarine Bayside’s new Chair, Dr Sandra Brizga, but you will also have the opportunity to informally chat with other members of the Committee and our Senior Management Team and pick up a copy of our Annual Report. For this year, the venue will again be the Indented Head Community Hall with a bbq afterwards. Stay tuned for final times and guest speaker information.

Our Committee Chair, Dr Sandra Brizga, is joined by John Hartigan (Deputy Chair), Mel Rogers, Helene Cameron, Christopher O’Neill, Jennifer Lilburn, Dr Kenneth Latta and Greg Lewis (absent from above photo).