Planting tradition continues at Indented Head

n the 1950s, Josiah Windmill planted two pine trees in front of what is now the Indented Head Community Hall to commemorate the opening of the Indented Head boatshed. This honour was bestowed upon Josiah, a blue stone quarry worker, due to his instrumental role in the development of the popular community space. Recently these pines were removed and Bellarine Bayside invited James Windmill, the grandson of Josiah Windmill, to plant several native sheoaks (Allocasuarina spp.) as part of the recent landscaping works to replace the pines originally planted by Josiah. In time the sheoaks will grow to provide shade for hall users and a habitat rich in biodiversity. Bellarine Bayside takes pride in maintaining, respecting and promoting unique cultural history and community connections within our management zone.