Trial of campfires and dog-friendly accommodation at Portarlington Holiday Park

We are launching a three-year trial within our holiday park at Portarlington to allow a limited number of campfires within a designated section of casual campsites.

This trial is linked to an initiative in our Camping and Accommodation Strategy which recommended investigating methods to improve camper experience in shoulder and off-peak periods, including campfires. We have undertaken thorough planning in conjunction with the CFA and the trial will be subject to strict conditions including restricted dates, designated campsites, use of firepits provided by Bellarine Bayside only and firewood must be purchased from our holiday parks reception to ensure it is sustainably sourced and appropriately seasoned.

In addition to campfires, we are also exploring the possibility of running a three-year trial of dog-friendly accommodations at Portarlington. This trial includes designating a dog-friendly section of casual campsites and a limited number of dog-friendly cabins during a restricted time period.