Beach Pods - Roofed Accommodation Trial

Bellarine Bayside is installing three accommodation ‘pods’ in the holiday park at Portarlington as a trial to expand upon roofed accommodation options within the coastal Crown land reserve managed by Bellarine Bayside.

The Beach Pods are supported by the Victorian Government through the Camping and Caravan Grants project.


This project links to key priorities and actions within both Bellarine Bayside’s Camping and Accommodation Strategy (CAS) and the Draft Northern Bellarine Coastal and Marine Management Plan. Both documents have been developed following extensive consultation with our partners, community and campers, and the introduction of the pods aims to meet the demand for more diversity of accommodation options on the coastal reserve.

We were successful in a funding application to the Victorian Government’s Camping and Caravan Grants project, to partially fund the installation of three pods. Subject to a successful trial of these three pods, a further seven pods will be considered for installation to deliver on the total allocated number (10) of roofed accommodations suggested in the CAS.

The pods are anticipated to contribute to the regional tourism market by providing a unique, high-quality accommodation option which will attract a different customer base and improve off-season offerings.

About the Beach Pods

Built locally in Geelong at Freshwater Creek, the pods are of a very appealing and distinct character, featuring natural finishes. They are constructed from a variety of materials that are insect, rot, and fire-resistant, making them suitable for direct beachfront installation. The pods are trucked in and installed directly onto concrete pad footings resulting in minimal disruption to holiday park guests or coastal users.

Their requirements for only concrete pad footings ensure they pose minimal impact to cultural values and the natural environment, and makes them relocatable if required.

The location selected for the trial currently has low usage and so will not interfere with any recreational open space needs.

Being on the beachfront, the pods will be a unique and attractive accommodation option, increasing tourist visitation to the region, particularly outside of peak periods.

Indicative Timeline
  • Untitled design (2)
    Camping and Accommodation Strategy consultation and development.
  • Untitled design (2)
    2019 - 2020
    Northern Bellarine Coastal and Marine Management Plan consultation and development.
  • Untitled design (2)
    February - March 2022
    On-site works to connect services and prepare pad footings for the pods.
  • Untitled design (2)
    March - April 2022
    Pods brought in via truck, placed on the footings and connected to services.
  • Untitled design (2)
    Late April 2022
    Pods brought in via truck, placed on the footings and connected to services.
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