Developing a master plan for Indented Head coastal reserve

Bellarine Bayside is developing a Master Plan to guide the future development and use of approximately 3.5 hectares of coastal Crown land at Indented Head.


The identified area in Indented Head adjoins the main township and is popular with residents, visitors, clubs and groups alike for providing beach and on-water activity access, open recreational space, seasonal camping access, public toilet facilities and access further afield via the Bellarine Coastal Trail.

Through developing a Master Plan for the area, Bellarine Bayside aims to address some of the issues raised during the Northern Bellarine Coastal and Marine Management Plan 2020-2025 (CMMP) consultation process. Development of a Master Plan is an action identified in the draft CMMP.

By undertaking a master planning process, Bellarine Bayside can determine the long-term development of the area by addressing coastal management issues and understanding user aspirations, while ensuring sufficient area is set aside for conservation and rehabilitation of the natural coastal and marine environment.

The Indented Head master plan precinct area

What Have We Identified As Important Requirements For The Master Plan?

Through the CMMP consultation, we know that completion of the final missing section of the Bellarine Coastal Trail is a top priority as part of this project. In addition, there is also demand for the provision of a permanent public toilet facility outside the Indented Head Community Hall, and a need to upgrade the Batman Park public toilet and camp kitchen.

We will seek further feedback on the current use of the area and what people love in the area, as well as future aspirations and what would encourage and improve use.

Key objectives of the five-year staged Master Plan are to:

  • Create an attractive public space.
  • Improve safety and connectivity.
  • Improve design and campground function.
  • Care for and improve the natural environment.
  • Acknowledge the cultural heritage of the area.
  • Update existing amenities and ensure new facilities model sustainable practices.


The following considerations will be at the forefront when designing the Master Plan:

  • Cultural and environmental values.
  • Accessibility to all ages and abilities.
  • Facilities that are creative, robust, environmentally sustainable, blend with the surrounding environment and meet current design standards.
  • Consideration of harsh marine environment in design and future maintenance.
Indicative Timeline
  • Untitled design (2)
    March - April 2021
    Phase 1 public consultation inviting community and key stakeholders to provide feedback on current use of the area.
  • Untitled design (2)
    April - June 2021
    Reviewed feedback received during Phase 1 public consultation.
  • Untitled design (2)
    July 2021
    Released a ‘What We Heard’ summary of Phase 1 public consultation
  • Untitled design (2)
    July – November 2021
    Developed draft master plan concept with landscape architect.
  • Untitled design (2)
    January – February 2022
    Phase 2 public consultation on the Draft Indented Head Master Plan.
  • Untitled design (2)
    March 2022
    Reviewed feedback gathered during Phase 2 public consultation and finalised the Master Plan.
  • Untitled design (2)
    July 2022
    Final Indented Head Master Plan approved by Bellarine Bayside Committee and published.
  • Untitled design (3)
    Implementation of the master plan and commence actions over the next 10 – 15 years.
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